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The best reason to invest in an ice cream maker is the ability to make new flavors or try out combinations that are hard to find.  The first flavor we ever made in our ice cream maker was definitely one we never even knew we wanted to try: star anise ice cream with candy coated fennel.


I would never have dreamed up this combination in a million years.  A colleague recommended it to me and we gave it a whirl.  I loved it.  Freezing the fennel (which I hate in sausage, by the way, but happens to be good when covered in a layer of sugar) gives it an awesome crunch.  It even looks amazing because the pink, orange, and yellow candy coated fennel start streaking out into the ice cream itself.  Our favorite flavor to make at home is still chocolate cayenne.  It’s hot and cold at the same time, sweet and spicy and exceedingly popular when Ed brings it in to share at work.  It’s not a flavor you can go out to the store and buy anywhere around here.


I’m looking for suggestions or ideas.  I’m not thinking about going back to being that kid who whips up crazy concoctions that you have your friends eat on a dare.  I’m sure there are tons of great things you don’t commonly see in ice cream that you know would be awesome, or a combination of several things that haven’t been in there together before. What new, inventive, interesting, or crazy ice cream flavor should I make?

I’m going to pick one of the suggestions I get and I’ll make sure that, if I pick yours, you get a batch when I see you next.

These recipes are from an awesome book called Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home.  If you have an ice cream maker, take it out of the library like I did or buy your own copy.  It’s my favorite ice cream cookbook.  The base recipe in the back is perfect if you want to try something new or create your own flavor.