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What New, Inventive, Interesting or Crazy Ice Cream Flavor Should I Make?

Posted on: July 1, 2013

The best reason to invest in an ice cream maker is the ability to make new flavors or try out combinations that are hard to find.  The first flavor we ever made in our ice cream maker was definitely one we never even knew we wanted to try: star anise ice cream with candy coated fennel.


I would never have dreamed up this combination in a million years.  A colleague recommended it to me and we gave it a whirl.  I loved it.  Freezing the fennel (which I hate in sausage, by the way, but happens to be good when covered in a layer of sugar) gives it an awesome crunch.  It even looks amazing because the pink, orange, and yellow candy coated fennel start streaking out into the ice cream itself.  Our favorite flavor to make at home is still chocolate cayenne.  It’s hot and cold at the same time, sweet and spicy and exceedingly popular when Ed brings it in to share at work.  It’s not a flavor you can go out to the store and buy anywhere around here.


I’m looking for suggestions or ideas.  I’m not thinking about going back to being that kid who whips up crazy concoctions that you have your friends eat on a dare.  I’m sure there are tons of great things you don’t commonly see in ice cream that you know would be awesome, or a combination of several things that haven’t been in there together before. What new, inventive, interesting, or crazy ice cream flavor should I make?

I’m going to pick one of the suggestions I get and I’ll make sure that, if I pick yours, you get a batch when I see you next.

These recipes are from an awesome book called Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home.  If you have an ice cream maker, take it out of the library like I did or buy your own copy.  It’s my favorite ice cream cookbook.  The base recipe in the back is perfect if you want to try something new or create your own flavor.

13 Responses to "What New, Inventive, Interesting or Crazy Ice Cream Flavor Should I Make?"

Hmmm, lavender vanilla… or lychee… or green tea chocolate chip!

This is my first comment ever on this new blog, so I’m psyched. Wow, green tea and chocolate is such a cool idea. I was totally thinking about making ume, which is this sour Japanese plum. It’s a flavor I had in Japan and I saw some at a food co-op by my house.

Vanilla sesame ice cream, with crushed chunks of halvah and chocolate (or chocolate covered halvah to save a step?) I love trying flavors that you can’t find in the store!

My Oma makes a great German dessert called Linzertorte, which I think could be a really good ice cream – a little ground cinnamon and cloves, hazelnuts, seedless raspberry (or other berry) jam and kirschwasser (cherry liqueur) mixed into a chocolate ice cream. My mouth is already watering!

It’s always good to put alcohol into ice cream to prevent it from freezing too hard … this sounds awesome. I’ve always wanted to buy kirsch.

I’m waiting for time to try a couple different flavor combos I have floating around in my head, but if you want to try them first then be my guest. I am thinking dulce de leche with pineapple (probably best to try it as a pineapple base with pineapple chunks and a dulce de leche swirl?)
Also I really LOVE anything ginger flavored and I am thinking a ginger caramel ice cream would be good. I will definitely have to get that book you recommend. I’ve only made 2 icecream flavors before- pumpkin pie-so yummmy, and lemon basil. (would have been better if i would have fully read the directions on the maker and froze the bucket on the ice cream maker but it ended up ok)

We made an ice cream once that had candied ginger… I think it’s from that book I mentioned, which they have at the library. I think it was a roasted pear and caramel flavor with candied ginger pieces. 🙂

Thanks for sharing this, every time I’ve tried to make ice cream (in an old crank style ice cream maker) it came out horrible…. I need to get one of those electric ones…

I definitely think it’s worth it. Expect to set aside a couple of hours. Sometimes I will make it over the course of two days… make the base, leave it in the fridge overnight instead of the ice bath, and freeze and pack it the next day. 🙂

I need to try it again… do you use an electric maker? My is and an old crank model LOL

Yes. I have a Cuisinart ICE-21 Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker. It’s around $60 on Amazon, so it was a bit of an investment, but I bought it as a birthday gift.

I can do that… thank you!

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